Tonight.. "Prince of the Assassins",  Insider Witness" and "Womenfolk" on the stages of Culture Palaces

Monday 02-26-2018 PM 02:23

 Written by: Ilham Zeidan

Luxor Cultural Branch, headed by Mohamed El-Adawy, presents the theatrical performance “ًWomenfolk” on its fifth night. The play is adapted for theatre by Osama Al-Banna, based on (house of Flesh - in Arabic بيت من لحم), written by Youssef Idris. The play is directed by Ashraf El-Noubi, for a period of 15 days on the stage of Luxor Culture Palace.
The play discusses the problem of spinsterhood and its negative impact on our societies and attempts to search for solutions and escape from the old legacies that exacerbated this problem.

The play (Womenfolk) is an adaptation of the story of (House of Flesh) by Youssef Idris, prepared by Osama Al-Banna, directed by Ashraf Al-Nubi, sets and costumes by Dr. Dalia Farah, choreography by Ahmed Abdel Razek, music composed by Abdel Moneim Abbas, starring Mahmoud Abu Al-Qasim, Naglaa Fat.hy, Fatima Muhammad, Nashwa Margan, Hiam Abu Al-Hajjaj, Brihan Salah, Sabah Farouk, Nermin, Sunbul Fahmy and a large group of the youth of the Luxor National Troupe.

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