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Dalia Saleh Farah is an Egyptian Academic and Scenographer based in Luxor. She is also an Associate Professor at Division of Expressive Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor University, Egypt. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Expressive Arts (1996), a Master degree of Fine Arts in Expressive Arts (2003), both from Alexandria University, Egypt.  
Dalia received her joint supervision PhD in Arts, in Theatrical Sciences (2009) from Helwan University in accordance with School of Visual and Performing Arts, Charles Sturt University, Australia.

As a researcher and a scenographer, Dalia has a special interest in intermediality in theatre performance, globalization of theater performance, educational theatre, visual literacy, and performance studies related to cultural heritage, cultural sustainability, and creative tourism. She also undertakes practical technical research in the framework of joint cooperation with several cultural institutions and theatre ensembles, as a professional scenic and costume designer.

Dalia Farah started to participate in theatre productions as an actor and a scenic artist since she was a university student. Since 1999 she designed scenography for 14+ theatre productions for diverse national and international theatre ensembles and directors.