A seminar discussing "Womenfolk" Performance at Luxor Culture Palace

Yousry Hassan (يسرى حسان) : The performance delivered an important message and did not deal with its environment as a tourist

في ندوة «الولايا» بقصر ثقافة الأقصر: Yousry Hassan (يسرى حسان) : العرض قدم رسالة مهمة ولم يتعامل مع بيئته كسائح

Our theater (in arabic مسرحنا ) magazine

Issue 551, March 19, 2018

Mahmoud Elhlwany  wrote

Luxor Culture Palace held, in the first week of March, a critical seminar to discuss "Womenfolk” theatre performance performed by the National Ensemble in Luxor, written by the poet and playwright Ossama El Banna  and directed by Ashraf Al-Noubi اشرف النوبى النوبى

The performance was discussed by critics and writers, Yousry Hassan, Youssef Fakhoury, Lilit Fahmy, and Mahmoud Al-Halawani, and the seminar was moderated by the writer Muhammad Saleh Al-Bahr.

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From the left  critics and writers: Youssef Fakhoury, Yousry Hassan (يسرى حسان) , Muhammad Saleh Al-Bahr, Mahmoud Elhlwany , and Lilit Fahmy

Actor Hagag Thabet 

Playwright Ossama El Banna 

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