From the land of the pharaohs

While Canberra admires Egyptian antiquities from the Louvre, modern art from the land of the Pharaohs is attracting attention in the Riverina. Dalia Farah and Ibrahim Awad, from Luxor in Egypt are exhibiting at the HR Gallop Gallery during Charles Sturt University’s (CSU) Orientation week. Dalia is a scenographer and the exhibition is a collection of her set designs, costumes and masks. Dalia will also display her virtual sets and lighting which have been generated by three dimensional software. Ibrahim is a sculptor and a professional portraitist, modelling with clay, fiberglass, marble, wood, stone, wax, cast iron, ceramic and mold sculpting. The exhibition, titled 2 ARTISTS FROM EGYPT, will be opened by CSU Head of Wagga Wagga Campus Professor David Green at 6pm, Monday 19 February 2007.

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