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Nūn Art Gallery is pleased to introduce to you: Dalia Saleh Farah

A significant number of people meet their future partners at school/college and work. So do artists. The concept behind Nūn Art Gallery's "Couples" exhibition is to showcase works of artist couples, which are correlative. For example, they could show the same subject or complement each other. At the exhibition, they are presented together.


Dalia Saleh Farah was born 1973 in Kuwait. In 1991, she enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Alexandria University and graduated from the Department of Decoration with a bachelor's degree in expressive arts in 1996.  Shortly after starting her study, she developed an interest in drama, especially in live theatre performance. In her 3rd year, she decided to major in expressive arts (theatre, cinema & television) to graduate as a professional scenic and costume designer.

Works at Nūn Art Gallery:

The Ghost Horseman
Digital Drawing
42 x 30 cm

Exhibited at the "Couples" Exhibition
at Nūn Art Gallery
in March/April 2021

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