Presented by Luxor National Ensemble.. “Womenfolk” is an Upper Egyptian theater show that shocks its audience

Friday 02 March 2018

Yousry Hassan (يسرى حسان)  wrote:

Theater remains, especially in Upper Egypt, one of the important tools, if not the most important of all, for developing awareness and correcting misconceptions, provided that it pleads with the aesthetic, and does not turn into a preaching pamphlet in the way of doing and not doing. Creative poet Ossama El Banna turned to that when he decided to take up the writing experience for the theater. 

As one of the people of Luxor, he is fully aware of what his environment needs from him as a creator. He realizes that there are issues that he must raise, which may be shocking to his society and strange to him, but it is the shock that leads to recovery from diseases that the community has suffered, and still, especially in the society's view of women and the society's robbery of their will, and the catastrophic repercussions that this leads to.

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