Yusuf Idris's "Womenfolk" joins the mass culture theater in Luxor

03:22 PM | Tuesday 20 February 2018

Written by: Elham Zeidan

The Luxor Culture Branch, headed by Mahmoud El-Adawy, will open the theatrical performance “Womenfolk”, an adaptation of the novel "House of Flesh" for the great writer Youssef Idris. The adaptation is written by Osama El-Banna and directed by Ashraf El-Noubi, and the show goes on for a period of 15 days on the stage of Luxor Culture Palace.
Director Ashraf El-Noubi said: The script is inspired by the novel "House of Flesh" for author Youssef Idris, and that he tries, through his presentation of the southern folk legend, to re-present the idea of accepting the other against a social system that recognizes only lineages and family history. 

"Womenfolk" starring a large elite of the stars of the Luxor Ensemble, based on the story of the great writer Youssef Idris, script and poems by Osama Al-Banna, music composed by Abdel Moneim Abbas, choreography by  Ahmed Abdel Razek, sets and costumes by Dr. Dalia Saleh, directed by Ashraf El-Noby.

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